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Nassfeldi rendezvények

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25. Gailtal völgyi Sonka Fesztivál 03.06.-04.06.2017

A Gailtal völgy legnagyobb szabású rendezvénye 24 éve vonzza a látogatókat közelről és távolról. Az aromás, lágy sonka a régió kulináris különlegessége. www.speckfest.at

Wulfeniafest 18.06.2017

The legendary Ice Age flower, Wulfenia, blossoms in the Carnic Alps – and this is celebrated during an annual festival. The blue “Miracle Flower“ is strictly protected and a popular photo motif with botany fans from all over the world. Celebrate a unique spectacle of nature!

Reitwagen Ranch 2017 09.06.-11.06.2017

For 2017, the successful Reitwagen Ranch meeting has found a new, spectacular home which satisfies the high standards of the ever growing all-road motorcycle scene – Nassfeld in the Carnic Alps www.reitwagen.at

Peakbreak 2017: Nassfeld Bringa Marathon 02.-08.07.2017

Cycling race throughout the alps. Open for amateurs too! www.peakbreak.com

Frigga ohne Grenzen 23.07.2017

Sample the various types of Frigga from Carinthia and the Friuli during our “Frigga without borders“ on our sun terrace.

Altstadtparty in Hermagor 19.07.2017, 26.07.2017, 02.08.2017, 09.08.2017

Live music & culinary delights at the Hauptplatz of Hermagor (old town party) on Wednesdays. Free entry! Date in case of bad weather: Thursday

Gailtaler Almkäseanschnitt 30.07.2017

"Gailtaler Almkäse" is a regional delicacy awarded protected status by the EU. The tradition of cheesemaking goes back many centuries in the Gailtal Valley. Today there are 14 cheesemakers in this romantic Alpine valley producing the strong, mature cheese that is famous throughout the region and has been awarded protected status by the EU. www.gailtaler-almkaese.at

Nassfeld Kirchtag 02.08.2017

The Nassfeld Parish Fair is a cross-border celebration for many Carinthians, Friulians and guests. Meeting point is at "Livio‘s" on the Italian side. From there, the long festive procession moves on to the Nassfeldkirchlein Church where Italians and Carinthians lay wreaths in rememberance of the war dead and celebrate worship together afterwards.

14. Osztrák Méz Fesztivál 12-13.08.2017

Akár egy nyüzsgő méhkas, ilyennek tűnik Hermagor augusztus második hétvégéjén, amikor a 13. Osztrák Méz Fesztivált rendezik. Frissen kinyert méz, mézből készülő finomságok, méhkasok, illetve ősi méhészeti eszközök kiállítása is színesíti a programot. www.honigfest.at

Bergfest 17.09.2017

This summer‘s series of festivals on Plattner‘s sun terrace ends with the "Bergfest" on the Sonnenalpe Nassfeld. Local artists entertain the guests and say farewell to summer and welcome autumn.

22. Käsefestival in Kötschach-Mauthen 23-24.09.2017

Carinthia’s tastiest corner, Kötschach-Mauthen, celebrates cheese at the last weekend in September every year. The Cheese Festival with around 100 exhibitors, 400 types of cheese and 12.000 visitors has long become one of the highlights among the culinary festivals in Carinthia. www.kaese-festival.at

Kirchbacher Apfelfest 01.10.2017

The market town of Kirchbach invites to the Apple Festival for the 13th time already. Culinary delights with apples, an exhibition of old varieties of apples from the local orchards, an apple press, a schnapps distillery, a flea market for clothes in traditional style and much more are on the agenda.

Gailtaler Krautfest 01.10.2017

The "Gitschtal Valley Cabbage Festival" is celebrated in Weissbriach on the first Sunday in October every year. Local innkeepers use countless heads of cabbage to create culinary sensations. From savoury goulash with Schupfnudeln (small potato dumplings), onions and bacon, cabbage lasagne, cabbage pizza, pasta with cabbage and cabbage strudel to sweet temptations for every taste, there is a suitable dish for everyone.

További programlehetőségekért kérjük látogassa meg Nassfeld turisztikai weboldalát: www.nassfeld.at